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“Fill their minds with Scripture. Let the Word dwell in them richly. Give them the Bible, the whole Bible, even while they are young.”

– J.C. Ryle


“Brethren, I wish it were more common, I wish it were universal, with all [Christians] to have family prayer.  We sometimes hear of children of Christian parents who do not grow up in the fear of God, and we are asked how it is that they turn out so badly.  In many, very many cases, I fear there is such a neglect of family worship that it’s not probable that the children are at all impressed by any piety supposed to be possessed by their parents.”



“When religious texts are sung well, greater devotion is inspired: souls are moved…and with warmer devotion kindled to piety than if they are not so sung.”

– Augustine

“It could not be otherwise but that Christianity be a singing faith. The Founder sang. He learned to sing from His Father. Surely they have been singing together from all eternity… When He speaks, galaxies come into being. And when He sings for joy, more energy is released than exists in all the matter and motion of the universe. If He appointed song for us to release our heart’s delight in Him, is this not because He also knows the joy of releasing His own heart’s delight in song? We are a singing people because we are children of a singing God. “

– John Piper


“If we are to experience the fullness of God’s blessings and are to be as faithful to Him as we can be,  we must begin with the family,  the very building block of God’s kingdom.”

 – Tim Challies


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