Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners — July 2020

We’ve been enduring quite a storm for the greater portion of 2020, haven’t we, friends? Here are words and phrases I’ve heard myself repeating: “…unsettling, scary, confusing, difficult to navigate, WHAT in the world is GOING ON, such darkness all around us, maranatha Lord Jesus…”  Beyond just the craziness of a world pandemic, violence, racism, protesting and rioting, there are so many voices out there, shouting for our attention, vying for our support and arming us to move forward for their agenda.

But God help me, I won’t get sucked in and lose a kingdom perspective. I find that if I’m not careful, I could spend the entire year trying to decipher the voices and figure out who’s right and what team I should be on. I don’t want to join a team. I want to be prayerfully aware of the goings on in the world, but ultimately have a singular focus, so that I can reason through issues like race, justice, masks, etc., in a way that honors Christ and loves others.

I want to maintain an eternal perspective while wading through the murky and turbulent waters that has become a new normal. I want to resist the temptation to either disengage, or engage without love. I want to dive in, without losing my focus on my Lord. Here is a little to do list that I made for myself to help me keep my focus where it ought to be during this chaotic season:

  1. Listen to God. Being about my Father’s business means reading the Bible. I’ll know what voices speak counterfeit truths by studying the real thing. I don’t want to be tossed about by every wind of doctrine. I need to continually come back to the Scripture and ask God to help me understand and apply His Word.
  2. Love people. Disagreements will happen with friends, family and social media acquaintances. That’s ok. I won’t “cancel” them or dismiss them if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. I will honor them and if lead, pursue dialogue with love, gentleness and kindness. I will listen and weigh what they say with the truths of Scripture and logic.
  3. Do the work of the Kingdom. The great commission hasn’t been canceled. The Gospel still saves. Now more than ever I need to be praying for opportunities to show Jesus to the lost. This world still needs to hear the way of reconciliation with their Maker through the atoning death of Christ, and the Holy Spirit is still in the business of regenerating hearts. May God use me to spread the sweet aroma of His love and peace and turn hearts to Himself!
  4. Worship the King. I want to grab this family that God has given me and get to it. God is sovereign over the salvation of my children, but that does not negate my responsibility to cultivate their hearts for Jesus. Their eternal souls depend on it. And it’s my children that will either carry the truths of the Gospel into the future or neglect to do so. Let me not forget to sing to the King throughout my day and invite my children to join me in delighting in Him and in the fullness of His grace.

On that note, I cannot wait to sing and memorize this month’s hymn with my family. The words have already seem to hit me right where I’m at these days- “Jesus! What a help in sorrow! While the billows over me roll, Even when my heart is breaking, He, my comfort, helps my soul… Jesus! What a guide and keeper! While the tempest still is high, Storms about me, night overtakes me, He, my pilot, hears my cry!” This song was written by John Wilbur Chapman who was also acquainted with some very dark days. Yet Chapman was most well known for his efforts in evangelism and his heart for the lost. The difficulties he faced didn’t deter him from loving people and doing Kingdom work. I’m grateful that I, a sinner, can sing along with the rest of the saints about the saving help of Jesus and that He is truly with us through all our weaknesses, when our hearts are breaking and to the very end!

Will you join us this month as we meditate on these truths and sing this hymn with our families? Let’s resolve to make much of Christ, to put him at the center of our homes by seeking him first. Things might be little busier during the summer, and it is tempting to let things get in the way of family worship time. Let’s remain steadfast, taking just a few minutes of our day to read the Scriptures, pray and sing out our praises to the Friend of sinners.

Have questions about how to do this or you need help getting started? Let us know! We’re not experts in family worship ourselves, but we can encourage each other!

To help you get started in learning this hymn we have free printables for you with lyrics, music and copywork for your kids. If you don’t read music or don’t feel musically inclined, we’ve got you covered. Listen to this month’s hymn on our YouTube channel and sing along with us. Looking forward to worshipping alongside you this month!

With much love,


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    I think this is my favorite video yet. Thanks for sharing your voice and heart and family with us all. What a blessing you are.

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