What’s your story?

Your stories are a blessing to us at Happy Hymnody. Thank you for sharing them with us! If you have a Happy Hymnody story to share, please email us or tag your story on Instagram with #HappyHymnody or #HappyHymnody_stories.

“Your website has been such an immensely helpful resource in practicing our faith at home with our children and in our homeschool life. I had none of these habits growing up, very little church, no conversations about God at home, no family members who taught me or were examples of believers. But looking back I had somehow got a Bible and was interested in it, although I couldn’t figure out how to make it connect to real life.

All that to say, thank you, thank you, thank you for what you have so beautifully and sacrificially poured out for Christians anywhere to implement in order to worship the Lord together. I can not say thank you enough.” – Leah

I’m so thankful for Happy Hymnody and your ministry. To keep it brief, after graduating from Seminary, I went through a rough year of losing family members and two parents to terminal illnesses, moved far away from my support system and beloved church in which I was a children’s pastor and deeply connected to the families, and had the toughest year in my marriage to date. It was a challenging time and I had lost my zeal for worship, not because I didn’t trust in the Lord, but because I was exhausted from crying out. Fast forward many joyful years later, I struggled to find the same joy I had in my youth for praising and worshiping. I was afraid to admit that the contemporary Christian songs left me feeling empty because I didn’t want to come off as a seminary grad snob. But, I think in earnest, I was longing for the rich and meaty theological depth hymns hold that I had been basking in throughout my years in seminary. I now can appreciate worship again because although my current church community does not sing hymns, I have a community of believers that do and I can commune with, even if it is on social media.” -Marie, TX

“Thank you SO much for all the time and effort you put into making beautiful resources for families like mine to learn and enjoy music! My husband & I grew up singing hymns, but we are a part of a church that rarely does and it is a REAL blessing and treat to teach these classic musical poems to our children. You are a cherished resource to me and my family!” – Beth

“Thank you Happy Hymnody! You are just what I was looking for. It’s so wonderful to do this in community. My children will be blessed to hear some of their favorite artists sing along with us!” – Wendy

“I am so grateful for your site and the way it has blessed our family. I wanted to incorporate worship through song and hymn singing into our family rhythm, but it’s so difficult to pick, and with three sweet daughters, 3 years and under, being organized enough to have a system just wasn’t happening…until I found your IG page!! Praising God for your work and getting to partner together in teaching our children these rich truths about God through song.” – Lee

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for Happy Hymnody. I had never heard so many of these lovely hymns before we began our journey with you. I am so grateful for the new songs you’ve put in the hearts of my family!” – Bronwyn, UK

“Your live hymn sings on Instagram are so encouraging to me! Thank you! I am a children’s Worship Pastor and instilling a heart of worship in kids and promoting multigenerational worship is a huge part of my heart. And it is happening here, all across the world in an Instagram live video! What an awesome idea.” – Derek M., AK

I just wanted to share that your free printable resources are beautiful! I am starting to teach homeschool choir groups here in MN, and I desire to teach them the hymns that are being less well known and lost to our church traditions. The beautiful lyric pages and copy pages will be a wonderful resource for the homeschool families to incorporate what we’re doing in choir into their week/home. Thank you!! – Andrea, MN

“I’m not musically gifted at all. Not just in regards to talent but just as a mama of four, I felt it was such a struggle to offer my children nursery songs or folk songs of any kind. I even resolved to research ways I could nurture my children who naturally love music so much. After that I figured I should just find some one else who loves music and ask them to mentor them. But then we found you. April, you have made it so easy for me to fill that void! And to top it off, it’s not just folk songs or patriotic songs… It’s HYMNS! Thank you! You were God-sent, my friend!   -Follower on Instagram

We sang a beautiful hymn today. I was nervous to present the idea of a hymn a month to my children. I didn’t know how they would respond. I sometimes don’t try new things because I get a little brokenhearted by their protests or it doesn’t turn out how I have it in my mind. Do you do that too? We have never been a singing outside of Church kind of family. I wasn’t raised with hymns and I spent several years feeling awkward in Church because everyone knew them and I didn’t. But God…he’s always in my corner urging me on pricking my conscience stirring me up and loving me into submission. What a wonderful way to make much of him and put him at the center of our home. Surely he enjoyed every moment of our singing no matter how off key we sounded! We did it! Joyfully we sang and you can too! The first step is the hardest but don’t give up! – Jen